Michael Maclean, Fine Artist, Sculptor.

Michael MacLean – Artist’s Statement

I attempt to surprise with every possible distortion of space. This impulse to extend each conclusive idea again, and beyond the many permutations possible, guides my finished work. It is a restless weaving through the mind’s reflexes; hard on the trail of an unannounced mystery.

I always begin with a shadowed composition that gains clarity through this painstaking search. It is a source of great delight to me that these inceptions are so immediate, and then such a travail that the cumulative forms which make this whole are so unwilling to reveal themselves with the same immediacy.

However, I find myself even more surprised when those further reaches into new shape, that seemed necessary in response to my initial dimensional impulses, become emotive of my deepest sympathies.

I’m not sure how this happens but I now trust in that impulse of form that leads into meaning.

The process by which I find these collaged unities is like rolling an oddly shaped pod over a series of openings, and when the psychically idealized form finds it’s co-active aperture, I can co-respond.

Many years of figurative carving have finally opened into what feels to be an endless view of free form – Beautifully filled out with a precise centrism of each point in space.

I know I have succeeded when the air around a piece feels excited, and the sculpture is of itself somehow unlike anything I’ve known before. I wish to take everyone with me to this primacy of experience that is ventilated by timelessness.

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